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Bathroom accessories 

  • Clothes hangers
    Clothes hangers

    The clothes hangers are strategic objects! They have to be above all functional to keep towels and bathrobes tidy, if they are also aesthetically beautiful, that is an extra point! Place them near the shower or heater, you'll always have everything you need handy!

  • Soap holders | Soap Dispensers
    Soap holders | Soap...

    The soap holder and the liquid soap dispenser are bathroom accessories that combine practicality and aesthetic beauty. They can have geometric or soft lines, in glass or in plexiglass from white to transparent or colored, chrome, minimal or more refined and extravagant. The dispensers are practical to recharge and allow you to vary the product whenever you want, they have a spout that adjusts the amount of product to avoid any waste. The variety of shapes, colors and materials is also found in the soap dishes that have the particularity of containing and isolating the soap, keeping the area of ​​the sink clean and avoiding unpleasant residues of foam. As far as hygiene is concerned, the dispenser is to be preferred because the product is always inside the container and does not come in contact with the environment, as is the case with the solid soap. These two very useful objects can be countertop or wall mounted or even better attached to the towel holder.

  • Towel holders
    Towel holders

    Among the wall mount or floor items that are used to keep the bathroom tidy, there is a towel holder, indispensable for hanging or putting linen (sheets, towels, bathrobes) in order to avoid water stagnation, bad smells and the formation of bacteria. It does not matter if your bathroom is big or small: the place for towels will never be enough and with this item, placed in a strategic way, everything will be more tidy. The towel holder is available in various models and materials. The most common version is the wall mounted version which saves precious space (fixed with plugs or glued). Then there is the floor version which can also have integrated the soap dish and where you can put more towels at the same time. Then there are the "ladders" that are not only furnishing elements, but also very functional and practical. Very warm are also the heated towel rails composed of a central heating part, bars to hang towels and some models are also equipped with a container and a plug to recharge your mobile phone. Finally there are the classic hangers to be fixed to the wall with dowels, or with suction cups, or are equipped with glue, even if these last ones are less resistant but they do avoid you having to pierce the wall. The ideal places to place the towel racks are near the sink, the shower box and the bathtub. The materials that are most commonly used for the realization of these items are mainly stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, plexiglass, wood or bamboo. They are available in various sizes to meet every need.

  • Toilet brushes
    Toilet brushes

    The toilet brush is part of the bathroom items that are used for cleaning. The toilet brush in particular is a tool for cleaning residues left in the toilet. It consists of a rigid part, usually of a linear shape which is the handle, and another part consisting of some semi-rigid threads very similar to those of a broom. The material of which the toilet brush is made of is normally plastic, but on the market there is the possibility of finding them also in other materials, such as metal, plexiglass or wood. Normally the toilet brush is sold with its toilet brush holder, that is a small pot where the brush is stored when it is not being used. In some circumstances the potcan be filled with sanitizing liquid in order to avoid the formation of bacteria. Even a simple bathroom brush can be transformed into a sophisticated design object that, combined with the other accessories, gives an extra touch of elegance to the bathroom. The brushes with their pots can be for the floor or wall mounted, those on the wall are usually equipped with a mounting kit very simple to install, functional and useful to save space.

  • Hair dryer holder | Hair straightener holder
    Hair dryer holder |...

    Here is another useful object that will help you keep your bathroom tidy: hair dryer holder and the hair straightener holder! If your bathroom cabinets or drawers are full of things and you do not know where to put hairdryer and hair straightener this item is for you. On the market there are some very functional models, those that we recommend are fixed to the wall with plugs, they also exist with suction cups and glue, but due to the weight of the hair dryer or the hair straightener usually don't stay up very long (gravity never stops!!!) They are available in various materials and colors so you can combine them perfectly with your bathroom. There is either a single hair dryer holder or with an added support that can also keep the hair straightener in order, all in one!!!

  • Handkerchief Holder
    Handkerchief Holder

    The handkerchief holder is a valuable and practical object to keep at home, especially in the bathroom where tissues are always useful for personal hygiene. Like many other items found in our bathroom, the handkerchief holder can be of many shapes, materials and colors to match the best of our furniture. Surely the most used and the most practical are those rectangular or square, with the opening on the top. They can be countertop or wall-mounted, let's say that the countertop ones are the most functional as they can also be moved to other rooms without any problem.

  • Laundry Basket
    Laundry Basket

    Laundry baskets are absolutely necessary for your bathroom, if they are also comfortable stools, the space occupied will have a double utility. Here you can find many more practical and useful solutions!

  • Ladders
  • Shower curtains and accessories
    Shower curtains and...

    Beautiful shower curtains for every taste and need and shower accessories.

  • Rugs and footboards
    Rugs and footboards

    Carpets have always represented a piece of furniture par excellence. They give rooms a touch of elegance and creativity, warmth and hospitality;
    in the bathroom they combine beauty and utility. The sponge mat is perfect for giving a touch of color and furnishing, while the PVC mat, with suction cups, positioned on the shower tray and inside the bath guarantees maximum safety.

  • Shower accessories
    Shower accessories

    Shower accessories

  • Shelves

    Enriching your bathroom with a few shelves is an excellent alternative to the cabinets! You can combine, overlay or combine different types and colors, the important thing is that they confirm the elegance and simplicity of your bathroom and help you keep the products you need in order!

  • Stools

    Stools are an indispensable item in your bathroom or laundry, especially in the smaller ones. They have many uses, for towels or for clothes or simply to sit down and take care of your body. A small but essential object for your bathroom!

  • Toothbrush Holder
    Toothbrush Holder

    A simple glass, is usually the toothbrush holder, an object always present in the bathroom but above all very useful to keep the toothpaste and toothbrushes of the whole family in order. Usually the most used material is plastic because the toothbrush holder is placed near the sink and therefore with the possibility that it can fall. But on the market it can be found in different materials and colors, usually combined with the soap holder, the shelves, the toilet-paper holder and the towel rack. Like many other objects that are needed in the bathroom, the toothbrush holder can be countertop or fixed to the wall with dowels or glued to avoid damaging the tile coating. The style is up to you to choose ... with minimal shapes, refined, from neutral colors to more intense pastel ones. Give a touch of personality and color to your bathroom ... but above all match the colors of the accessories to those of the towels, the color of the tiles to the color of the walls !!!

  • Baskets | Bins
    Baskets | Bins
  • Toilet paper holder
    Toilet paper holder
  • Mirrors
  • Prodotti per la pulizia
    Prodotti per la pulizia

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